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 Thursday, 22nd February 2007
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The start of season-23
25 February, 2008 by Wim

your way only !

The new season is about to start , tomorrow we see the official league kick-off and once again everybody is looking forward of what this season will bring us.
The past season was a bit strange and most people want to forget about it , some corrupted referee's will no longer be on the field , but there is still the possibility that something goes wrong again ,we all know that a referee does not get pay'd that much so its always possible that someday they decide again to go for the mobster cash and screw up a couple games.
The central engine has been cleaned was said by the international footballglory board , but is there any guaranty for that ? we will find out this season , but lets hope it will indeed be running smoothly.

Lets not get to much off-track with this and concentrate on what it really is all about : pleasure , excitement , joy , tears , disappointment and that round thing that makes people unite and unfortunately sometimes makes people fight , its a romantic who can see the beauty in loss and its a sarcastic who find failure in victory but both are one and the same person at the same moment in the same place , hopes and dreams for a shining team. The blood dripping on the floor after being cut on the sharp sides of the in million peaces chattered dreams , the pressure of keeping the finances under control and the pain of disappointing fans and not being able to keep them under control.

Predictions are easy , very easy , believe me when i say everybody know what will be this seasons end result , all they need is a glass-bowl and the knowledge on how to read what is seen inside it , but yes till now nobody was able to gather that knowledge to the perfection , and that makes it so beautiful when the players walk out the dressing room and touch the green carpet. Green is life , green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. On the flip side, green is jealousy or envy and inexperience and we all know that time moves faster in a green spectacle , ask Pink Floyd they made an album about green , but green is also the colour of money and that is most of the times the trouble maker.

Money , hard valuta , cold cash , bucks , smackers ,..... the so named butter with the fish (even that is not so tasteful) it has been rolling in the mid-season , big transfers , overspending , over payments , low payments , opportunistic buys and sales it all has to do with one thing and one thing only , the ability to sprint , run , walk or stumble this next season , it is going to be a sprint to the championship for some teams , for others it will be a marathon to avoid relegation and for most a long term based plan to improve their walking and running into a vicious sprint.
Are you the willing fool to place his hard savings to who will promote and who will relegate ?

Lets be honest we all want it to be full of excitement with little or no hick-ups , we want it to be pure and beautiful , and most of all we want tension from day 1 till the very last day , being at the top end of the chair watching your favourite players , booing your opponents , and when loosing call that man in black all possible names except referee , praising the club when your team win , erecting a statue for your goal-scoring attacker , offering a golden glove to your goalkeeper , use your big boot to kick the ass of that lazy midfielder or donate a coerver video to that so cald defender who cant even decently control the ball.
That's what it is all about , its about how you experience the season to come , its about how you delegate your team its about the things you do the things you say and the things you feel !

Enjoy the new season , in whatever way you want !!!

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