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 Thursday, 22nd February 2007
 We have relocated the newspaper to the FG server!
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Day-1 , season 23
26 February, 2008 by Wim

Just a short report on some random games.

AC Sparta Praha , that's the team everybody is talking about today , not because of the great result , but because they did not have 11 players to start the game.
This behaviour was not appreciated by some people , it even got to a point that people talked about banning teams like this for the rest of their life.
Lets forget this unacceptable event and have a look at those games that did get played.

The surprise of Chelsea FC winning their away game on FC Haka even after being down to 10 men after the red card for defender Albert Lefevre in the 25° min.
At half time it was 2-2 , but in the second half it was Nuno Benevides who scored another 2 goals and ensured victory for Chelsea FC.
Last season first division winner Spartak Moskva FC had some problems at home against SK Lyn , and only got a 2-2 draw , even this is not a shame , they sure did expect a win.

In division 2A , we saw a tight game between Real CD Mallorca and Boca Juniors , it was 1-1 at half time after that Boca was leading 0-1 after 12min.The second half Mallorca got 2-1 in front with an amazing goal from Durand , but few minutes later it was 2-2 and after that it took only 55seconds for Mallorca to get back in the lead , and that 3-2 was also the end result. 3-2 was also the result in SK Rapid Wien versus Barcelona FC in division 2B , and that is what people call a surprise , because Rapid was 0-1 and 1-2 down but each time got back , the man of the match was without any doubt Yoshinari Takagi , and they can burn a candle for him at Rapid , and Barcelona should really think good what they will do with Agustín Arzubiaga.
Nothing bizarre in 2C , Jubilo Iwata and Birkirkara FC got beaten down heavy in their away games as also Vĺlerenga got punished in their home game.

In 3th division there are always some surprises and this time it was not different , for example the totally unexpected 2-0 win from Dnepr Transmash against FK Artmedia Bratislava in 3F
When looking at 3E the newcomers FC Pyunik did win their away game against Al Hilal another freshly promoted team , another newcomer Barry Town did draw against HNK Hajduk Split. In 3K we did have 7 goals in the game between Barcelona de Guayaquil versus FC Zürich , it ended at 4-3 , where Heikki Salminen made 3 goals for Barcelona in the first 21min.
Also a nice result for another 3th division newcomer Arsenal Kyiv with their 1-1 draw in Paris Saint-Germain .
Some other games might also have a unexpected result in your opinion , but maybe not in mine :) feel free to tell us about those games.

I apologize to all 4th division teams , but did went to see any of your games so can't comment on them , and for most there the result is still unknown when I'm writing this , so it will be for some other time.

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