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 Thursday, 22nd February 2007
 We have relocated the newspaper to the FG server!
 This means the paper will run in conjunction with FG now and sessions should run along side each other. Moderators, please contact me!

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Commisioners discuss about FG future
18 March, 2008 by eddie

The whole situation may change.

Yes, these days are some of the most critical days of the entire FG history. Commisioner Mr Morten and CEO Mr Jeff are discussing the future structure of FG.

There has been some scandals lately and these were the last few drops which made the things overflow. If you add the decrease in the interest of the fans lately, you can see that something had to be made somehow.

None of us can think a life without FG maybe, but this suspension period will make some of us leave the leagues and some of us see how we are addicted better.

With or without FG, I wish you all the best with your special and professional lives.

Hope to see all of you in game again.

Old Reporter Eddie who remembered his FGNews account thanks to that suspension.

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