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 Thursday, 22nd February 2007
 We have relocated the newspaper to the FG server!
 This means the paper will run in conjunction with FG now and sessions should run along side each other. Moderators, please contact me!

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Div 3-D , Season 25 - Preview
18 September, 2008 by eddie

Lets see how the 3-Dimenson looks.

Another cracking season is about to start in FG and we will have a deep look at the latest status in division 3-D.

And here is the Season Preview for 3-D:

Al Ahli
59k GK is under the requisitions of this division, should couse trouble during the season.
Average 41,5 defense line with a best wage of 55 is also doesnt meet the standards. Looks like a lot of goals will be conceeded.
MF line looks good, an 60k average looks fine. 66k Vicente must have a great season if he wants to save his team.
Attack line seems weaker, not anything special but not too bad with a 48k average.
Overall : Average Wage 50,1k. I predict a hard season for them. Anything other than relegation will be success.
Prediction : Relegation Battlers

Has a huge squad with almost eveyone(except Zarn) negotiatable.
87 and 89k keepers seems Ok.
80k avg. DF is rock solid as always. Zarn still is a monster. It is hard to score against them.
68k average MF looks ok for a promotion fight.
Attack line is also over 80k, this makes them a complete team
Overall : 76,3 average wage. Seems to be one of the biggest canditates for the title
Prediction : Title Canditates

Daejeon Citizen
62k keeper is also not up to standards. But his backup has the same wage
44k average wage in defense looks weak.
49k average in MF line also seems a bit weak but may do fine.
AT line is the strongest position of the team with 63k average. May score goals, but must do someting if not want to conceed more.
Overall : Average Wage 50,6k. Pretty similar to Al Ahli, has a better DF and AT line but MF is weaker. Seems to be a hard season for them.
Prediction : Relegation Battlers

Djurgårdens IF
101k keeper is rock solid. The second best GK of the division.
64k DF line seems above average. A bit more needed to fight for promotion imo.
66k MF line is also above average and looks in shape
66k AT line makes the team very balanced.
Overall : Average Wage 68,5. Team is well built, but if the GK cant make a huge difference, it is hard to push for promotion
Prediction : An easy safe finish.

FK Buducnost
70k keeper looks below average. Backups have the same wage.
63k in DF line looks fine
61k in MF line also looks ok
AT line may have problems, 56k average and a 45k reserve might not be enough.
Overall : 61,5k average wage, AT line may have problems, other lines are ok.
Prediction : Slightly over the relegation line.

Levski Sofia
89k keeper is ok.
69k in DF line is enough for a safe place but to promote, it is doubtful.
74k average in MF line looks very good
73k attack line looks also ready for a challenge
Overall : 73,5k Average Wage. Looks ready for a fight.
Prediction : Top 3

NK Varteks Varaždin
93k keeper is above standards.
65k Average DF line seems to be ok for a mid table finish
74k MF line looks very good.
64k avg. AT line is not bad.
Overall : Average Wage 70,4. Shouldnt face any problems.
Prediction : Top 5

Olympique de Marseille
81k keeper is average
65k average in DF line shouldnt couse too many troubles.
65k avg in MF line look ok also.
Another 65k Average is for AT line. Very well balanced.
Overall : 66k Average Wage. Looks an average one
Prediction : Safe but not bright finish.

86k keeper is average but his reserves are disasters.
51k average DF line is weak. May couse trouble
58k avg MF line is not too bad but may not be enough.
52k avg. AT line is also a bit short of standards.
Overall : 56,6k Average Wage. Will face troubles
Prediction : Relegation Battlers

San Lorenzo
52k keeper is wery weak and has no reserves..
54k DF line is also quite weak for this division
49k MF line is also too weak
55k AT line also cannot save them
Overall : 51,2k Average Wage. Team is old and not good.
Prediction : Last Place

Standard Liege
116k GK is a huge factor on team. Will be a ruler.
78k DF line looks one of the bests.
83k MF line is undoubtedly the best in 3D
72k AT line is the weakest area. There are better lines in 3D
Overall : Average Wage 82,3k. Top nominee for the title
Prediction : Title Canditates

Universidad de Chile
91k keeper is amongst the best ones
66k DF line shouldnt face any big troubles
64k MF line should handle the pressure
69k AT line should score goals
Overall : 68,6k Average Wage.
Prediction : Any safe place.

My End Season Table Prediction :

1. Standard Liege
2. Chivas

3. Levski Sofia
4. Varteks
5. Djurgardens
6. Universidad
7. Marsille
8. Buducnost

9. Racing
10. Daejon Citizen
11. Al Ahli
12. San Lorenzo

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